Our Staffords


Trace has a gentle heart and an outgoing personality.  He has grown up very nicely into a 15.5″ – 37 lb monster.  Trace has a ton of personality.  He is very confident but very laid back.  He is super smart and always alert.  Trace is a terror ball of energy and excitement, and its clear to everyone that meets him that he loves loves his family and loves life.  Trace comes from a long line of amazing dogs over at Gamestaff Staffords and we are proud of the genetic ingredients he brings to the Firestone mix.  Trace’s Pedigree.


Lexus is a beautiful girl that we were fortunate to acquire from our friends at Steadfast Staffords in Atlanta.  Lexus is a very smart, very athletic, and very gentle girl. But she is also fearless, full of courage, and loves a good challenge. It is such a pleasure to have her around the house.  We are very happy with the way Lexus has grown up.  She has matured into a beautiful proper specimen of a Stafford at 16″ and 34lbs.  Lexus’ Pedigree


Indy comes to us from our friends at Yankeestaff Staffords in Virginia, breeders of Legendary Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  Indy is a complete terror ball in the best sense of the word. Crazy, fearless, and confident. She keeps everyone on their toes. We are very blessed to have her with us.  She loves playing with the kids and chasing anything that moves.  We are very excited to add her to the team.  Indy is 14.25″ tall and 30 lbs.  Indy’s Pedigree

FullSizeRender (1)


Jupiter comes to us from Yankeestaff Staffords in Virginia, breeders of Legendary Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  He is a good sized boy standing 17.5″ tall but weighs in at a nice 45 lbs.  Straight out of the box I liked this boy.  He is always alert and very attentive to whats going on around him.  He’s the kind of dog that you cant help but love and enjoy being around.  He has the perfect disposition towards us and towards the other dogs.  Jup’s Pedigree



Ryatt is a prime example of producing better than yourself.  A son of Ava and Trace, I am very proud of the dog he has grown up to become.  Ryatt is smart, attentive, and athletic.  He has matured into a 15.5″ tall – 34lb monster.  Ryatt’s Pedigree


We are very excited about the genetic ingredients that Ember brings to the table.  Embers pedigree goes back to some of the best Stafford lines around.  She has a nice long muzzle, good length of leg, and a fiery little princess personality.  Ember is very athletic.  Her legs are like springs and she runs like the wind. She has passed every physical test I’ve put her through and never disappoints. Ember rules the roost around here and keeps all the other dogs in check. We are very happy with her.  She has grown up beautifully to be 16.5″ tall and 36lbs.  Ember’s Pedigree


Räz is a daughter of Lexus sired by Trace.  This girl is all Spitfire with loads of drive and a personality to match.  If there is trouble to be had Räz is usually at the center of it somehow.  Raz is confident and fun loving, with loads of energy and enthusiasm to spare.  Räz is everything I like to see in a good Stafford.  Räz’s Pedigree



Charlie is a son of Ember sired by Jupiter.  He is quite a handful. He loves to run, jump, and destroy soccer balls with gusto. Beautiful temperament on this boy. Exactly what a Stafford should be and definitely the kind of Stafford I like. I can’t wait to test his physical limits and see what he can do. Charlie’s Pedigree.


Kane is a daughter of Indy sired by Trace.  Kane is confident, assertive, and fearless.  She has a mind of her own and knows what she wants.  she is quite a handful and is definitely the kind of Stafford I like.  Kane’s Pedigree.



Navy is a daughter of Ember sired by Jupiter.  Navy is still young but she is showing alot of confidence, assertiveness, and courage.  Little Navy is already quite a handful and is definitely the kind of Stafford I like.  We are excited to see how she matures and grows into herself. Navy’s Pedigree.  (Pictured @ 8 weeks)


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