Our Staffords


Ava is a Beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a rock solid disposition.  She is 15 inches tall and 33 lbs.  We brought her home in March 2010 and we have been in love with her ever since.  Ava loves to run, jump, and play with us and our kids.  She is very athletic, fiery and very smart.  From pulling me on my longboard to tug-o-war she is always ready to go and never seems to tire.  Ava is my first and favourite Stafford. Bred by our friends at Gamestaff Staffords, she has produced some amazing pups for us and is everything we love about Staffords.  Ava’s Pedigree.



Trace is a beautiful Male Stafford with a gentle heart and an outgoing personality.  Trace has developed very nicely at 15.5″ and 39 lbs with a short 14 inch back.  Trace has a ton of personality.  He is very confident and very laid back, but super smart and always alert.  He is a terror ball of energy and excitement and its clear to everyone that meets Trace that he loves us and loves life.  Trace comes from a long line of amazing dogs over at Gamestaff Staffords and we are proud of the genetic ingredients he brings to the FireStone mix.  Trace’s Pedigree.



Havoc is a mature Male Stafford we recently had the pleasure of adding to the FireStone mix.  Havoc has a laid back personality and is happiest when he’s just sprawled out on the floor soaking up the sun or playing with our kids.  Havoc comes to us from our friends at Gifaj Staffords in Texas, and we are happy to give him a loving home.  We love Havoc’s pedigree, going back to some of the top Staffords to ever come out of the UK on his Dad’s side and a Classic line of American Staffords on his Dam’s side.  Havoc is 16″ and 36 lbs.




We caught up with Chuck a few days ago after not seeing him since he was 8 weeks old and I was super impressed.  Chuck has reached a mature 16 1/4 inches and 36 lbs.  Chuck is super smart, super friendly with other dogs, and is exactly what I love to see in a Stafford.  Chuck is an all round great go anywhere, do anything kind of dog.  Chuck is gearing up for Weight pull training and may hit the show ring this Summer.  We are proud of the dog Chuck is maturing into and are excited to be able to have him on our team going into the future.  Bred here at FireStone, Chuck is out of Ava and Jager and lives with good friends of ours in Saskatoon, SK.  He is a littermate to Rev and Tony.

Chuck 1yr2


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