Our Staffords


Ava is a pleasure to be around and has a rock solid disposition.  She is 15 inches tall and 33 lbs.  We brought her home in March 2010 and we have been in love with her ever since.  Ava loves to run, jump, and play with us and our kids.  She is very athletic, fiery and very smart.  From pulling me on my longboard to tug-o-war she is always ready to go and never seems to tire.  Ava is my first and favourite Stafford. Bred by our friends at Gamestaff Staffords, she has produced some amazing pups for us and is everything we love about Staffords.  Ava’s Pedigree

FullSizeRender (1)


Trace has a gentle heart and an outgoing personality.  He has developed very nicely at 15.5″ and 39lbs.  Trace has a ton of personality, he is very confident and very laid back, but super smart and always alert.  He is a terror ball of energy and excitement and its clear to everyone that meets Trace that he loves us and loves life.  Trace comes from a long line of amazing dogs over at Gamestaff Staffords and we are proud of the genetic ingredients he brings to the Firestone mix.  Trace’s Pedigree.



Lexus is a beautiful young girl that we were fortunate to acquire from our friends at Steadfast Staffords in Atlanta.  Lexus is a smart, active, and gentle puppy and is a pleasure to have around the house.  She is fearless and full of courage and curiosity.  We are very happy with the way Lexus is growing and developing so far and we cant wait to see how she matures.  Here she is at 6 months old.  Lexus’ Pedigree



Indy is the latest addition to Firestone.  She comes to us from Yankeestaff Staffords in Virginia, breeders of Legendary Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  She is gentle and quiet around the house but is a terror on a leash.  We are very blessed to have her with us, she loves playing with the kids and chasing rabbits.  Indy is still young but is maturing nicely and we are very excited to add her to the team.  Indy is 14.25″ tall and 31lbs.  Indy’s Pedigree

FullSizeRender (1)


Havoc is the old man of the Firestone Crew.  He’s a fine Stafford specimen weighing in at 38lbs and 16″ tall,  Havoc came to us from our friends at Gifaj Staffords in Texas.  He is old timey in his looks and temperament and his pedigree is a combo of some of the best lines out of the US and the UK.  Havoc’s Pedigree



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